Super Sculpey Firm

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Super Sculpey Firm Gray 454g

This clay has been specially developed by the makers of Super Sculpey for professional sculptors, animators and artists. It is a firmer version of the much-loved Super Sculpey and the opaque gray colour means that detail is easy to see and adjust.

Start with clean hands and work area. Good working surfaced include a glass or metal surface, disposable foil, or wax paper. Do not place unbaked clay on furniture, flooring, carpeting or fabric. Kneed clay until soft and smooth.

Shape and tool into desired form. Pieces thicker than 12 mm (1/2in.) may need “bulking out” with crumpled aluminum foil and/or armature wire.

Bake at 275F for 15 minutes per 6mm. DO NOT MICROWAVE. DO NOT exceed the above temperature or recommended baking time. Supervise children during baking.

Once cool, baked pieces become hard and can be polished, sanded, drilled, carved, and painted with 100% acrylic paints. If using oil or water-based acrylics, seal with Sculpey Glaze before painting.

Pottery or dishes made with Super Sculpey Firm should be used for decorative purposes only, not with food, beverages, or smoking materials.

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