Polymer clay is a popular medium for making jewellery, beads, charms, figurines, picture frames and other handmade creations. You can make just about anything you can dream up with polymer clay. It's also great for covering and decorating other objects made of glass, wood, metal or some plastics. You can easily turn any object into a one-of-a-kind gift with polymer clay!

There are several variations of polymer clay with different consistencies and finishes. You can play around with different types of polymer clay to achieve unique results. Here are some of the most common varieties: 

  • Original Sculpey is is soft and pliable, perfect for children and beginners.
  • Sculpey Soufflé is lightweight and flexible.
  • Super Scupley is denser and bakes to a ceramic-like consistency that is perfect for creating sculptures with fine details.
  • Scupley premo comes is a wide range of traditional and specialty colors with a texture that is flexible yet firm for  experienced artist.
  • Liquid sculpey is a liquid polymer clay that can be used to fill silicon molds for custom jewellery, home décor and even scrapbooking.
  • Fimo soft is soft and pliable. The clay is easy to shape without having to kneed it first. This Fimo clay is particularly suitable for beginners, amateur artists and DIY crafters. It can be combined with Fimo professional and Fimo effect to create some wonderful results.
  • Fimo kids is much softer than the other types of Fimo. This product has been specifically developed to meet the needs of children. Even little artists can effortlessly shape this clay.
  • Fimo effect is available in lots of great effect colors. These include glitter color, pastel colors, gemstone colors and much more.
  • Fimo professional is the top choice for intricate and detailed artistic applications. Compared to other the types Fimo, this clay has a firmer consistency, providing a high degree of dimensional stability, making it ideal for advanced users, professionals and artists for example, it can be used to create sculptures or make delicate pieces of jewellery.
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