Sculpey Sampler Pack 30 Colour

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Sculpey III Sampler Set 

This is the perfect creative gift! Economical too!

Pre-packs are a great way to experiment with the Sculpey III color family.

Contains 30 assorted Sculpey III colors in 28g blocks. The Sampler Set is a great way to try out a lot of colors without buying individual blocks.

Colors included: Black, Emerald, Violet, Yellow, Teal Pearl, Camouflage, Red Hot Red, Just Orange, Ballerina, Lt. Blue Pearl, Translucent, Sweet Potato, Blue, Deep Red Pearl, Pearl, Spring Lilac, Suede Brown, Granny Smith, Gold, Lemonade, Gentle Plum, Hot Pink, Chocolate, Beige, Turquoise, Leaf Green, Sky Blue, Silver, Red, White

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