Jewellery Mold II

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Jewellery Mold

Cast custom gems and beads with the look of stone, glass or embedded with creative items like flowers and candy hearts. 8 popular jewelry gem shapes on one convenient tray. Mold made of durable, smooth, reusable polypropylene. Use with Mold Release.

Step-by-Step: Creating Resin Jewelry with a Mold
1. Pour equal amounts of resin and hardener into mixing cups.
2. Pour resin and hardener together, add colorant and mix well.
3. Pour into molds that have been prepared with mold release.
4. Allow resin to air dry and release from mold. No kilns or firing tools needed. Finish and wear!
Step-by-step images from "EasyCast Resin Jewelry" book.

This mould has the following shapes:  Square, Oval, Teardrop, Donuts, Trapezoids. Sizes range approx 15mm to 35mm diameter


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