Fimo Leather Effect Olive

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Fimo Leather Effect Olive

Staedtler Fimo leather effect oven modelling clay with leather effect in look, feel and further processing. The perfect product to implement new and innovative ideas:

After curing, FIMO leather effect has a leather like look and feel. Create your dream projects in leather look in 12 trendy colours. You can bend objects, cut them into shapes, punch them and close them to your imagination. Looks like leather, feels like leather, but Fimo leather effect.

After hardening in the oven, FIMO leather-effect takes on a look and feel strongly reminiscent of leather.

As FIMO leather-effect remains significantly more flexible and elastic compared to other hardened FIMO modelling clays, it can be handled like leather or other textile materials.

It also allows three-dimensional modelling: it is suitable for braiding, piercing, embossing as well as for cutting and sewing. Accessories, jewellery, decoration – anything is possible Handbags, necklaces, bracelets – with FIMO leather-effect, users can create individual pieces of art according to their own desire and imagination.

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