Fimo Kids Pearl Light Pink

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Fimo Kids Pearl Light Pink 42g

FIMO kids is particularly soft, easy to shape yet dimensionally stable at the same time – that's what makes this oven-hardening modelling clay ideal for children's use.


With its FIMO kids 'form&play', STAEDTLER offers children a whole variety of different theme worlds for unlimited crafting and playtime fun.


Original, ornate-looking jewellery is easy to create with FIMO kids 'create&play'. Another new feature is new is the resealable packaging. This enables an easy, practical and dust-free storage of any left-over bits of clay until next use.


Children can use FIMO kids to create their very own, long-lasting toy figures.


FIMO kids 'form&play' products are available in three levels of proficiency for meeting different levels of demand – from easy to difficult.


FIMO kids is not just fun, it's educational too. The process of modelling a toy not only fosters fine motor skills and powers of imagination, it provides children with an opportunity to be actively creative at the same time.


Unhardened, FIMO kids is a permanently pliable modelling clay. In other words, in its unhardened form, FIMO kids retains its supple consistency, without becoming rubbery or hard.


If FIMO kids is to be hardened in the oven, it is suitable for children from the age of 8. When crafting together, parents can best help their children by handling the oven-baking process and then handing the hardened toy over when it's ready.


Any FIMO kids clay that goes astray can simply be wiped off with a dry cloth. It's no trouble at all to clean FIMO kids off hands either using soap and water.


FIMO kids is easy to remove from textiles too: Simply wash the article of clothing as usual in the washing machine using conventional washing detergent.


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