Fimo Air Basic White 1Kg

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Fimo Air Basic 1Kg White

Fimo Air Basic is a ready for use clay-like material that dries and hardens in the air, no need for firing. Ideal for modeling, shaping and creating objects that look like they are made from clay.

It consists of 97% natural substances combined with 3% binding and hardening material. This unique formula allows it to have all the properties of traditional modeling clay that will harden on its own. Very light when dried - suitable for masks, mobiles & scuptures.

Drying time depends on the size and thickness of the model and takes about 24 hours. Slow drying at low temperatures will give the best results. During the drying process, the volume shrinks by about 3%.

When the finished piece has hardened, it may be shaped further with tools by sanding, sawing or filing. Decorate with Rub 'n Buff or other finishes

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