Cernit Opaline Lilac

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Cernit Opaline is an oven hardening polymer clay. It is semi-translucent, giving projects a slight transparent, ceramic like finish similar to porcelain.

The finish of the Cernit Opaline is slightly translucent. The finish is perfect for your achievements such as jewels, figurines, decorative objects ... Combine the colors together or the effects! Mix Opaline and Translucent in the same realizations to vary the transparency effect!

In the light, you notice that the opacity is not the same. The rendering of these 14 colors is very sweet! To create figurines, alternate Number One and Opaline for more realism.

Colours may darken a little once cured. Bake or cure at 110°C (230-266°F) for 30 minutes.

Size: 56g

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